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What to do in Kranjska Gora


You have endless possibilities for hiking and mountaineering in a variety of nature. The trails are suitable for walker, hikers as well as for very demanding and experienced mountaineers and alpinists.

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You have many cycling routes available - from more challenging to easy ones for lazy pedalling.

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Our apartment house is an excellent starting point for various one-day trips to the nearby and distant surroundings. Heading to Vrata, Kot, Krma, Radovna and Planica valleys, you will find many beautiful places. You can cross the border to Austria and Italy, so you can wisit three countries in one day, or maybe even in a half day. Across Vršič pass to the Trenta valley, you can visit also our neighbour Primorska region. These are just a few options from the wide range of interesting places around us.

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The valley offers many water sources. The river Sava Dolinka originates in Tamar, as Nadiža waterfall, then sinks underground and emerges again as Lake Zelenci. From that point on flows through Kranjska Gora joined by short Pišnica river, which feeds Jasna Lake. Don't miss the lake with a beautiful natural scenery. Climb up to the Peričnik waterfall in Mojstrana, the Martuljek waterfalls with cold water, swim in Lake Kreda in Radovna ... we have a lot of clean water, source of life.

You can also visit our neighbor valley on the other side of the Julian Alps. This is beautiful Soča valley, where you can enjoy water activities, such as rafting, canyoning, kayaking ... in the summer time.

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In Kranjska Gora, there are as many as 18 ski trails of varying technical difficulty. Most of the trails are suitable for children and beginners, so the destination is popular for families.

Cross-country skiing lovers will be happy with the well-maintained track opposite our apartment house. We also recommend carefully maintained tracks in Planica in the Tamar Valley and in Kranjska Gora.

To the south of our apartment house, on the former ski slope, also sledding is possible. On the left side of it, there is also a forest path, along which sledgging is option. At the evening the night sledgging is also organized at suitable weather conditions.

Kranjska Gora, Slovenia



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For cultural heritage lovers, we offer a tour of Liznjek's house, which bears witness to farm life a century ago or more. Also interesting is Kajžnik's house in Rateče, which shows the old clothing culture of the local area in an innovative, interactive way.

You should definitely not miss a visit to the Slovenian Mountain Museum in Mojstrana, where a lot about our mountains and peaks are shown in an interesting,also interactive way. You will also find a museum of the history of Planica jumps in Planica nordic center. Every place in the Valley has its own church.

During the summer season, your children can also visit Kekec land.



Without unnecessary words, scenes of unspoiled nature, when we simply take our breath away and just look... you will find countless points of it here.

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