Apartments Villa Flora, Kranjska Gora

The apartment house blends with the environment in the spirit of Alpine style, traditional interior design, custom-made in solid wood, with finely crafted details.

You will never get tired of the wonderful view of the surrounding mountains. Due to the selection of traditional interior design, Villa Flora apartments primarily offer hospitable comfort and homeliness, where you will feel good and where you will always want to return again and again.

Apartments Villa Flora - Kranjska Gora


Kranjska Gora, embraced by the Julian Alps and Karavanke, is a winter and summer tourist center, from where nature calls you to explore the beautiful places of the Upper Sava Valley.

The Upper Sava Valley is a real paradise for everyone who enjoys a relaxed atmosphere, as well as for all those who are looking for sports activities and enjoy conquering peaks or just endless walks. The land is beautiful in all seasons and welcomes families, groups, couples and individuals. So everyone who enjoys nature and respects it, is invited to breath fresh mountain air.

Kranjska Gora

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Apartment Villa Flora:


Kartica ugodnosti

All our guests can use the EKA TOURISM benefits card during their stay for:

  • a visit to the Aqua Larix swimming pools and saunas in Kranjska Gora

  • visit to the swimming pools and saunas of the Hotel Špik in Gozd Martujek

  • a visit to the Slovenian Mountaineering Museum in Mojstrana

  • treatments and massages in the Relaxation Corner Tanya in Kranjska Gora